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Help Support The First Responders Children's Foundation

A note from Rob & Suzy Donohue

Dear Friends,


For all of us across the country this last month has been the most challenging of our lives. As a company, David Donahue would like to thank those on the front lines for the sacrifices they are making in the battle against Covid-19. From the healthcare workers to the grocery store employees, their dedication and courage is awe inspiring.


When our Dad started the company almost 50 years ago and throughout life, he taught us to treat people with the respect and dignity that we expect in return. It is a hallmark of our brand. It is what has gotten us thru the last 30 days. Being a small family business, we have been hit harder than we ever imagined, but we are committed to our loyal associates and their families. Despite being closed since March 20th, we have not had any layoffs or positions furloughed. Looking to the future is unknown, but we are determined to keep this team together. We believe that as a team we must stay strong so we can all come out of this for the better.


 David Donahue & the First Responders Children's Foundation


While we have focused on business continuity the last few weeks, it is now time we focus on giving and helping the future of our country. Beginning April 17th thru April 26th, 20% of all David Donahue sales will go to Covid-19 Relief efforts. We have chosen The First Responders Children’s Foundation to receive this support. The Foundation provides financial support to both children who have lost a parent in the line of duty as well as families enduring significant financial hardships due to tragic circumstances. The First Responders Children’s Foundation facilitates educational activities and programs created and operated by law enforcement and firefighting organizations whose purpose is to benefit children and the community at large.

We want to thank all of you for your past support of our business and hope you can join us in supporting this great cause for the future of the children and communities of our country.

Stay Healthy, Stay Safe, Stay Strong.